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Executive Officer:  Giuseppe Esposito

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Privacy Policy

RENEWABLE ENERGY CONSULTANT PLATFORM  guarantees 100% privacy of our clients when they visit our website or use any of our service. Company holds rights to change or amend policies without any further notice therefore you are requested to read our policies periodically. Our privacy policies are disclosed here;

Information Provided by Clients:
RENEWABLE ENERGY CONSULTANT PLATFORM keeps only details of customer that are acquired by order form or contact us form. These include customer’s name, email, country, phone number and order details. These details are never used to send any newsletter of promotion offer. These are used only to track order progress and further details until order is completed. As soon as order is completed, RENEWABLE ENERGY CONSULTANT PLATFORM deletes all record of these information.

Record of Other Information by Third Parties:
Whenever a visitor visits our website, his some information are tracked by third party tools including zendesk Live Chat widget and google analytics. These information are used to keep record of analytical data to maintain our website performance and services. These information may include but not limited to:

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) Information
  • IP Address of Visitor
  • Country or Region of Customer
  • Keyword Query Used to Access Our Website
  • Number of Pages Visited by a Visitor
  • Duration of Visit

As these information are used to track performance of a website and user interaction so these will not be shared to anyone else and there will be not any further use of these information.

Credit Card Information:
RENEWABLE ENERGY CONSULTANT PLATFORM collects credit card information (on behalf of payment processor used by us) just to process payments. These information are secured using SSL encryption so these are never stored on our website or on your browser. Due to latest encryption methods, no one can access your information. As these information are recorded to process your payment so as soon as payment process is completed, these information are discarded.

RENEWABLE ENERGY CONSULTANT PLATFORMalways keep seriously about any complain made by any of visitor or client about their privacy policy issues. So if you have any complain, you can contact us at or