Refund Policy

Paid More Than Actual Payment:
We RENEWABLE ENERGY CONSULTANT PLATFORM will refund 100% of your excesses amount than the actual amount. For example if your actual amount is 100€ in price quote and you had paid 130€ then payment exceeding than actual price (€30) will be refunded to you.

Consultancy Fee:
RENEWABLE ENERGY CONSULTANT PLATFORM  will not refund the agreed consultancy fee for the projects.

Deadline Missed:
We always accept work that we can complete. In case if deadline is missed for 72 hours then no refund will be made. In case if deadline is missed more than 15 days then we will refund 100% of total value of your order.

Work Rejected:
If work is rejected due to low quality or standards code of conducts then we will refund 100% of total value of order. In case if there are some issues with the work including satisfactory of work then we will revise. Free revisions are made till 15 days after submission of work. In case work is still rejected due to low quality and not used then we will refund 100% of order value. In case if work is used then no refund will be made.

Failure in Delivery or Damaging Equipments:
The work completed by us is intended to be used as reference. We write profassional guide book to provide guidance to our valued clients so they have to operate or make changes according to their requirements. If they have changed with other manuals or supports that was not provided by us and get fail, we will not process any refund.

Order Cancellation Policy

Within 72 Hours of Placing Order:
If customer placed order and want to cancel within 72 hours, then we will provide 90% refund of total value of order. Please note that we are charged a fee in case of refunds so 10% of total value will be deducted and you will get 90% of refund. Please note that this will not applicable for urgent delivery based orders upto 15days of delivery. For such case, no refund will be made.

Within 10 – 15 Days After Order Confirmation:
In case if customer requests cancels order after 1 to 2 weeks of order confirmation then 50% of refund will be made. However for urgent orders, there will be no refund.

After  One (1) week of Confirmation:
There will be no refund for all type of orders if customer want to cancel order after 1 (one) week of confirmation.